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Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Rafael Nadal, Tsonga

Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Rafael Nadal, Tsonga

The newly introduced Babolat Rafael Nadal Aeropro Drive tennis racket for 2010/2011 is the tennis racket of choice of Rafael Nadal and suits the more aggressive tennis player.


  • GT Technology is composed of a hybrid material (braided graphite and Tungsten fibres) throughout the tennis racket. A higher concentration of GT Technology at 3 and 9 o-clock improves the performance of this tennis racket with less torsion on ball impact and more control.
  • Cortex Damping System filters the vibrations for pure feel, which makes this tennis racket very comfortable to play with.
  • Woofer technology increases by up to 25% contact between tennis ball and the tennis string. Woofer Technology is integrated in the tubing strips of the tennis racket and again improves directly the control and the feel of the racket.

Additional note
The tennis racket comes with cover.

Mosto stilius: Ilgas ir greitas
Galvos dydis: 100
Rėmo ilgis: 70 cm
Profilio aukštis: 26 mm
Svoris: 300 g
Balanso taškas: 32 cm
Stygų tinklas: 16x19
Price: 187.96 € 112.78 € 40.00%